Three Barrels

Three Barrels


750 ml

Predating txtspk by some 150 years, XO has always stood for Extra Old brandy. And Three Barrels is older than most. They hand-pick the very finest eaux-de-vie from France’s most hallowed wine regions. Then age them for at least 15 years in oak casks - Limousin oak, because the more open grain imparts better tannins and, well, oakiness. The result is exquisite: a subtle, yet bright, mahogany in colour. Aromas include vanilla, plum, spicy hints of cinnamon and cardamom. You’ll invariably spot the elegant bottle in Lord Rufus’ library, on stand-by for any guest who might drop in. Although his Lordship is equally happy to sip away with only a Sudoku for company.

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