Black & White


750 ml

Black & White is a very accessible blended Scotch Whisky. Light, fresh and spicy with a hint of smoke. Heritage: In 1902 James Buchanan, a genuine and gregarious character and one of history’s great Whisky barons, created Black & White because he wanted to offer a superior blend that would appeal to the wider public. Interesting Facts: Originally called The Buchanan Blend and sold in a black and white bottle "That Black and White Whisky" became "Black & White" when the public took it to their hearts in 1902. The Scottish Terriers have been iconic symbols of the brand since the early days. James Buchanan, an ardent animal lover, felt their playful, friendly and down to earth character was the ideal representation of the spirit of Black & White. Today, it is popular in the likes of India, South Africa and across Latin America and the Caribbean.

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